Disaster Recovery Planning and Network Services Continuity

Disaster recovery planning starts with a discussion that involves key management employees. It is important to get their support with any disaster recovery initiative. Explain what disaster recovery is and why it is required for business continuity, cost reduction, generating revenue and improving productivity. Disaster scenarios such as fire, flood, earthquake, cold weather and employee sabotage should be discussed. Alternate vendors should be discussed as well as a potential issue with business continuity.It is my contention that running a network assessment is an effective strategy for determining what changes should be made to your network.The argument could be made that all assessment groups have some affect on network availability and resiliency.The availability assessment will collect most of the key information however the security assessment must be considered since problems with company security will expose your network to attacks. www.peakschildrensworkshop.org

When your network is being attacked it isn’t available!Management strategy assessments are key as well since the absence of effective management policies and applications will create a tenuous situation.For instance without any change management policies you will have employees changing application and device configurations without prior approval and at any time of the day. The configuration change doesn’t work as expected and it is 10 am while employees are starting their day. Guess what, your day just got longer. Pro-Active fault and performance monitoring strategies will indicate when a device or server is not operational or near capacity. Those situations will obviously affect network availability. Continue reading

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Offsite Backup Solution From Better Backup

Better Backup provides the best solution for safeguarding your company against a full range of common data loss and system failure risks. With Better backup, all the data are secured, so you can have full piece of mind. They specialize in online backup services, data backup and storage, online server backups, and online file storage. Offsite Backup Solution services are very easy to use and have reasonable prices for both ho….

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Emerging Technology in Data Disaster Recovery

Data is a crucial resource to businesses, governments and individuals. The necessity to manage, store, protect and recover that data is an integral part of any entitys continuity strategy. In most instances, this data may comprise company records, media files, and encrypted data and so on. This aspect of business data storage and management usually comes under threat when data gets lost, stolen, com….

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Data backup systems – The Small Firms Might be At Stake Unless Probably you Have A Security Plus Recovery Plan

Do not think the true enterprise is in danger? Imagine again. Whether you probably realize it or not, the real business has practical proof in addition to assets that perhaps aren’t protected right at present. The real business likely has confidential client figures, proprietary business knowledge or just internal knowledge that you probably wouldn’t want so they can be exposed so they can criminals or competitors. The loss of this facts could take a devastating impact ….

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